April 29, 2023

The Future of Finance Industry: What Graduates Need to Know

The finance industry has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, with new technology and changing regulations driving major shifts in the industry. As a graduate entering this field, it's important to be aware of these changes and prepare for what's to come. In this article, we'll explore the future of finance and what graduates need to know to succeed in this ever-changing industry.

The Rise of Fintech

One of the biggest changes in the finance industry has been the rise of fintech. Fintech companies use technology to create innovative financial products and services, disrupting traditional banking and financial institutions. This has created new job opportunities for graduates with skills in technology, data analysis, and customer experience.

To stay competitive in the finance industry, graduates should consider developing skills in fintech. This could include taking courses in coding or data analysis, or seeking out internships or job opportunities with fintech companies.

Increased Focus on Ethics and Compliance

Following the financial crisis of 2008, there has been a greater emphasis on ethics and compliance in the finance industry. This has led to the creation of new regulations and standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).

As a graduate entering the finance industry, it's important to be aware of these regulations and their impact on the industry. Employers are looking for candidates who have a strong understanding of compliance and ethics, as well as experience working within regulatory frameworks.

Emphasis on Customer Experience

Another major trend in the finance industry is an increased focus on customer experience. With the rise of fintech companies and the increasing availability of online financial products and services, customers are demanding more personalized and streamlined experiences.

Graduates with skills in customer experience and design thinking are in high demand in the finance industry. To stand out in a competitive job market, consider developing skills in areas such as user experience (UX) design, service design, or customer journey mapping.

The Importance of Soft Skills

While technical skills are important in the finance industry, employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. As the industry continues to evolve, graduates who can demonstrate these skills are more likely to succeed.

To stand out in a competitive job market, consider developing your soft skills through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or leadership positions. Employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate a well-rounded skill set and the ability to work well with others.


The finance industry is changing rapidly, and it's important for graduates to stay informed and prepared. By developing skills in areas such as fintech, compliance, customer experience, and soft skills, you can stand out in a competitive job market and succeed in the finance industry of the future.

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