May 10, 2023

Junior Quant Researcher

London, New York

Squarepoint, a prominent global investment management firm, is seeking highly talented individuals to join our team as Junior Quant Researchers. As a firm renowned for its diversified portfolio of systematic and quantitative strategies, we strive to deliver exceptional, uncorrelated returns to our valued clients. With a strong focus on trading, technology, and operations, we attribute our success to rigorous scientific research and innovative approaches. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technology, data analysis, and global collaboration, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.


As a Junior Quant Researcher at Squarepoint, you will play a vital role in researching and implementing strategies within our advanced automated trading framework. You will analyze extensive data sets using advanced statistical methods to identify valuable trading opportunities. Additionally, you will develop a deep understanding of market structures across various exchanges and asset classes, ensuring your insights contribute to our continued success.

  • Your primary focus will be on researching and implementing innovative trading ideas that drive our performance.
  • Before the market opens, you will diligently check that all necessary data and related processes are prepared for the trading day.
  • Throughout market hours, you will sporadically monitor the behavior and performance of strategies, ensuring their effectiveness and making necessary adjustments.


To thrive as a Junior Quant Researcher, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Quantitative background: A degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Financial Engineering, Operations Research, Computer Science, or Physics will provide a strong foundation.
  • Programming proficiency: Demonstrated proficiency in at least one major programming or scripting language, such as C++, Java, or Python, is essential for success in this role.
  • Strong communication skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, along with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues across multiple regions, are vital.
  • Ability to work well under pressure: Thriving in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, you should be able to handle pressure and deliver exceptional results.


At Squarepoint, we value our employees and offer a competitive compensation package that includes the following benefits:

  • Minimum base salary: £45,000 if located in London (est.). $60,000 if located in New York.
  • Discretionary bonuses: This role may be eligible for discretionary bonuses, which can constitute a significant portion of your total compensation.
  • Comprehensive benefits: Eligibility for benefits such as health, dental, and wellness plans, as well as 401(k) contributions.
  • Global collaboration: Experience the power of true global collaboration by working with talented professionals across our international offices.

Please note that compensation and benefits for successful candidates will be determined based on various factors.

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