Junior Equity Research Analyst

40,000 (est.)

If you're ready to make a substantial leap in your career, we have a fantastic role waiting for you. A prominent Financial Trading company in London is on the hunt for a 'Junior Equity Research Analyst - Event Driven' to join their team on a permanent basis. Not only will you be part of an industry-leading organization, but you'll also enjoy a highly competitive salary and benefits package.

Your Key Responsibilities

As a 'Junior Equity Research Analyst - Event Driven,' your role will be diverse and engaging. Your primary responsibilities include:

  • Event-Driven Analysis: You will evaluate and monitor both hard and soft catalyst event-driven special situations, such as takeovers, spin-offs, and various corporate actions across Western Europe. Your analysis will cater to a global hedge fund client base.
  • Information Compilation: You will continuously compile updates on event-driven announcements and press comments, keeping your finger on the pulse of the financial world.
  • Client Interaction: Collaborating with sales and sales traders, you'll help drive idea-driven sales calls, communicating your analysis and ideas to clients, even up to the CIO level.
  • Networking and Research: Your role will involve networking and undertaking calls with deal-related management, advisors, journalists, sector experts, and more.
  • Real-Time Analysis: You'll be at the forefront of breaking news, providing real-time analysis and opinions, ensuring your clients stay informed and make the best decisions.
  • On-Site Engagement: Prepare to attend company events and conferences as necessary, connecting with key players in the financial industry.
  • Equity Valuation: Undertake equity valuation analysis, a critical aspect of your role.
  • Collaborative Efforts: You'll work closely with various teams and clients within the organization, such as the Long/Short, ECM, and Index Events teams.
  • Ad Hoc Tasks: As required, you may be called upon to handle any ad hoc duties that arise.

Requirements and Preferences

To excel in this role, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Investment Banking Background: You need to have a minimum of two years of post-training experience in the investment banking sector.
  • Event-Driven Experience: While it's not a strict requirement, any prior event-driven, M&A, or private equity experience would be highly valued.
  • Market and Economic Knowledge: You should possess sound knowledge and experience in equity markets and macroeconomic fundamentals.
  • Coding Skills: While not mandatory, having experience with coding or programming languages is advantageous.
  • Bloomberg Familiarity: A working knowledge of Bloomberg is essential.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in a Western European language is an advantage, but not a necessity.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive Compensation: Enjoy a highly competitive salary and benefits package, recognizing your dedication and hard work.
  • Industry Leadership: Join an organization at the forefront of the financial industry, making strides in investment banking and research.

Take the Leap - Apply Now!

This is your opportunity to break new ground and advance your career in the world of equity research. Don't miss out! The financial world moves quickly, so apply today and secure your future as a 'Junior Equity Research Analyst - Event Driven' with a leading company in London. The deadline is approaching, and your future awaits.

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