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May 10, 2023

Data Scientist

38,000 (est.)

Are you eager to kick-start your career with a leading deep tech company? Are you passionate about working alongside aerospace and defense industry giants like Airbus, GKN, and BAE Systems? Do you dream of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry through innovative AI technology? If you answered yes to these questions, then keep reading because an exciting opportunity awaits!


As a Data Scientist at Intellium AI, you will have the unique opportunity to shape our AI products and take the lead on mission-critical projects early in your career. Your expertise in design, coding, and problem-solving will contribute to solving some of the most complex challenges faced by the industrial sector.

As part of our dynamic team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Develop Supervised and Unsupervised ML Models: Leverage techniques like XGBoost and KNN to build accurate and efficient machine learning models.
  • Create Deep Learning Models: Harness the power of Neural Networks, including Auto Encoders, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), and Federated Learning, to unlock AI's full potential.
  • Deliver Explainable AI: Develop modules that effectively present machine learning results to end users, ensuring transparency and understanding.
  • Implement Optimization Algorithms: Utilize trained machine learning models to implement optimization algorithms, enhancing performance and efficiency.
  • Quantify Uncertainty: Develop modules to highlight and quantify uncertainty in model predictions, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Leverage Cutting-Edge AI Algorithms: Stay at the forefront of AI advancements by implementing state-of-the-art algorithms from published scientific documents.
  • Share Your Insights: Contribute to the tech community by writing technical articles and blogs showcasing real-world industrial use cases of AI.


To thrive in this role, we seek individuals with the following qualifications:

  • Master's in Data Science with Engineering Background: A solid educational foundation combining expertise in data science and engineering.
  • Python Mastery: A strong command of the Python programming language, a fundamental tool for data scientists.
  • Effective Communication Skills: Exceptional written and verbal communication skills to convey complex concepts and collaborate with diverse teams.
  • Unix/Linux Experience: Basic working knowledge and experience in a Unix/Linux environment, ensuring seamless integration within our tech ecosystem.
  • Containerized Applications: Familiarity with containerized applications, such as Docker, for streamlined deployment of AI solutions.
  • Parallel Software Development: Basic understanding of GPU-based highly parallel software development, unlocking the potential for accelerated AI processing.
  • Industry experience: Minimum 1 year


  • £38,000 salary
  • Company retreat
  • Unlimited PTO

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