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April 26, 2023

Junior Business Analyst

30,500 (est.)

3H Partners - Junior Business Analyst

If you're a self-starter with a get-up-and-go attitude and a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Management Master's Degree, don't miss out on the opportunity to become a Junior Business Analyst at 3HORIZONS. You'll work closely with Project Leaders and Partners, delivering outstanding analyses and documents to senior members of the team, translating data into meaningful insights and recommendations, and presenting at team and client meetings. Apply today to be a part of our unique and innovative team.


As a Junior Business Analyst, you will work closely with Project Leaders and Partners and have primary responsibility for understanding the client's strategic issues and delivering outstanding analyses and documents to senior members of the team. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Structuring and performing analysis, and conducting primary research, to uncover the insights that support our recommendations to clients
  • Translating data into meaningful insights and recommendations
  • Presenting at team and client meetings, and determining the most practical way to drive lasting results based on your insights working with senior executives
  • Designing and conceptualizing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), which are early prototypes of Entrepreneurial Solutions
  • Developing methodological skills to search data and gather information
  • Structuring analyses and distilling messages on appropriate communication media


To be eligible for this position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Management Master's Degree
  • Experience: 0.5-2 years
  • Languages: Fluent in English. Italian language is considered a plus.
  • Software: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is required, database, and statistical data analysis software are well appreciated.
  • Skills: Attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and excellent communication skills are all essential to this position.


At 3HORIZONS, we offer our Junior Business Analysts the following benefits:

  • £30,500 salary
  • Oppurtunity to travel Europe
  • Participation in the 3HORIZONS Learning Curve Programme, including problem-solving & decision-making techniques, oral and written communication, advanced Excel modeling, strategy development toolkit, development training in specific programming languages, and 3HORIZONS symposiums with industry leaders
  • A chance to participate actively in the development of 3HORIZONS ecosystem and its ventures
  • A non-hierarchical structure that results in frequent interaction between consultants and senior professionals both within 3HORIZONS and within the client’s organization

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to become a Junior Business Analyst at 3H Partners. Apply now and take the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career in strategy consulting.

Working at 

3H Partners

3H Partners is a management consulting firm.

We define ourselves as an Entrepreneurial Solution Provider. We develop creative, actionable solutions to respond to our client’s core business challenges. We fuse an entrepreneurial mindset with professional management. You won't find other solutions like ours - we call them triple E solutions because they're entrepreneurial, experimental and exponential.

With offices in London, Paris, Rome, Turin and Brussels and the company is successfully serving clients across Europe, the US, Asia and North Africa.

Customers range from large multinational corporations, to communities of SMEs across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, financial services, energy, public sector, telecommunications and more, whom 3H Partners supports on projects ranging from strategy development to execution.



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3H Partners

Participate in the 3HORIZONS Learning Curve Programme, including:

  • Problem-solving & decision-making techniques
  • Oral and written communication
  • Advanced Excel modelling
  • Strategy development toolkit
  • Development training in specific programming languages

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