About Us

Hi, we’re Elixirr. A global award-winning challenger consultancy.

With roots in strategy consulting, our capabilities are constantly evolving as we grow, ranging from business model innovation to digital transformation. We work openly and collaboratively with clients from start to finish, delivering outcomes based on innovative thinking, not methodology, and we treat each client’s business like our own. Our culture is built on entrepreneurialism, so our people play an integral role in building our business.

In 2020 we listed with AIM on the London Stock Exchange, allowing us to introduce a market-leading equity share scheme. Every member of our team has the opportunity to have a stake in the business, encouraging an ownership mindset by seeing real return for the work they put in every day.


  • Collaborative
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Creating a legacy
  • Beyond expectations


To boldy challenge industry and organisational convention to help our clients respond to the threat of disruption with operational advantage, not just ensuring their survival, but keeping them ahead of their competition.

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