EarthSense was formed with the aim of enabling the world to understand and solve its air quality issues. We have grown rapidly over the last few years, and won the Queens Award for Innovation in 2021.  

We intend to help by providing the most detailed global air quality information, showing real-time exposure and actionable future forecasting that enables decisions and mitigations, for the betterment of human health.  

Providing a number of data, software and hardware services, our dynamic team has unparalleled air quality expertise in sensor design, pollution modelling and analysis and we use this to provide advice and support to government, industry and the public globally.  

Our Values

  • Thought Leader - we introduce disruptive technologies to accelerate sustainable urbanisation.
  • Passionate about what we do – We genuinely care about the air we all breathe. We’re here to make a difference for every future generation to come.
  • We care about our customers – We look after our customers and ensure they are delivered the best service that we can provide.
  • Collaboration is key – We work closely with all our peers achieve shared goals.
  • Exceptional innovators – We look forward, seeking new and improved ways of doing things, keeping abreast of new technologies available to us.